We work to translate cutting edge research
in to solutions for tomorrow’s Animal Agriculture

Unleashing the power of innovation

At Truevet innovation is not simply a preserve of our R&D unit at the sidelines of our business . Innovation at Truevet is a mainstream process, which brings together our frontline teams ,customers, and a range of different partners from outside the organization. At the very heart of this approach is our belief that how we innovate determines the kind of solutions we deliver.

Why Choose Us
Together we Achieve More!

Truevet is an emerging growth company which develops & produces novel feed additive solutions for the livestock sector. Our core focus is on discovery & development of safer alternatives to Anti-biotic growth Promoters. Our specialty Feed additive solutions help farmers in producing safe food of animal origin in a sustainable way.


Our information flow , Processes , & infrastructure is integrated by a proprietary end to end digital platform. Main Building Blocks of our Digitization approach are AI,analytics,Automation,IoT,Integration & Cloud.


We use open innovation model to unveil the power of human element. Any one, anywhere in the world can share his idea or discovery with us through our online portal . We believe that Winning ideas are co-created with real stakeholders.


We utilize machine learning tools to generate knowledge that provides us valuable understanding for addressing current problems and guiding the further research & development of new formulations.


We have a customer focused approach as we believe that customer experience is the most important part of doing business. Through a “six pronged strategy “we always strive to keep customer at the center of our business universe.


We believe that Glocal is the new global. We have a global mindset and reach, but we also accommodate the cultures, ideals, and needs of our local audiences. This entails that we offer country/region specific solutions.


Our unique work culture instills a passion for quality in every corner of our organization. Quality is one of our non-negotiable core values.

Our Partners
Creating winning partnerships

At Truevet , our goal is to create wining partnerships .Our partnership mantra is guided by the principles of mutuality & reciprocity, which entails that all stakeholders in a partnership should benefit from the partnership in a way that is meaningful and beneficial to them as well as to the larger shared goals.


Toufiqur Rahman
Business Development Manager
Green Vet Pharma, Dhaka, Bangladesh
"We have been working with Truevet for the last 5 years. It was such a great experience to work with Truevet. I highly recommend their Specialty Products. Their commitment helped us to get good reputations & increase the overall sales in the Bangladesh market”

Hussien Hamdi
Chairman of the board of directors
Walla Group,Sudan
“Truevet’s scientific & technological prowess in the Feed additive segment was the main reason when we decided to partner with them four years ago. They offer science-based, innovative, & functional feed additive solutions. Consistent Positive feedback from our customers is a clear indicator that our decision to partner with Truevet was right”

Mr. L. S. Tung
China Way Corporation, Taiwan (R.O.C)
“We have been doing business with Truevet for the last six years. We can say with absolute surety that Truevet’s products are not only innovative but remarkably performing as well. Truevet’s Customer-centered approach, quality focus, Transparency, & custom product offerings sets them apart from the competition”