Creativity powers our science

Our company was born out of a desire to make animal agriculture safer & sustainable. Animal agriculture faces a plethora of challenges. Some of the biggest challenges are related to high antibiotic use, & the environment. At Truevet, we firmly believe in the creative use of science to solve problems. This problem solving doesn’t merely mean focusing on R&D activities to offer novel solutions, but to us, this means reimagining new possibilities in all areas of our business.

This is how we bring innovation to the forefront across all areas of our business.

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Change is an opportunity: our pathway to innovation

Problems necessitate change. And every positive change is bought about through creative innovation.
This is our core approach to innovation.


Digital Transformation
Through Marboot ™

Marboot is Truevet’s end to End digital platform, which brings together Our frontline teams, departments, customers & outside organizations.


Machine Learning

We use ML/AI models for insilico predictions & to further our research & Technical Development of Bioactive natural products & therapeutic synbiotics.


Virtual DNA

We partner with other organizations that have core competencies, which we do not possess, allowing us to focus on our own core competencies. This allows us to bring New products to market in time and at best prices.

Innovation is at the very heart of what we do!

We don’t limit innovation to just R&D, it is something which is visible in every aspect of our business.

Open innovation

We use collaborative innovation to unleash the power of people element. Our innovation portal is where you can submit your creative ideas and innovations with us. We will ensure that the best ideas are brought to a fruitful conclusion. Best innovations will be transformed into functional solutions and will receive due credits & lifelong Dividends.



While we address the common challenges faced by animal agriculture globally, we also offer region- specific solution to local problems. We actively engage with our partners to launch collaborative innovation initiatives to jointly find solutions for the problems which their region faces.

Single Window System

We offer a powerful bespoke segment first export tailored B2B e-com portal which enables our partners to conduct entire business with us virtually right from the application process to tracking of orders. No More running from one department to another. Everything is at the press of a button.


Our Work

Creating value through Innovation

Our commitment to an innovative approach to solving problems means that we always strive to push the boundaries of science & technology.
This enables us to offer path-breaking solutions.



Salixivet is a functional alternative to chemical analgesics in Food animals. Salixivet has been developed from plant origin bioactives with marked antinociceptive effects. Insilico prediction models have been used in the development of this novel solution to pain in food animals.



Synbioas is a therapeutic synbiotic. It is the result of our sustained efforts at the optimization of synbiotic therapeutics using machine learning in an artificial fowl GI tract.


Truelaur ™

Truelaur is a Alpha monolaurin based solution developed to effectively inhibit the pathogenic pressure exerted by gram+ve bacteria (e.g streptococcus ) and fat enveloped viruses (e.g PRRS virus) . Truelaur has been successfully used by farms to replace the preventive use of amoxicillin.


Driven By Passion, Led by Innovation

Our Innovation Team is driven by Passionate Problem Solvers


Dr. Gulzar Bhat , PDF (Texas A&M University)

Dr. Gulzar is an avid researcher of chemistry. His areas of interest are Materials-Chemistry, Chemistry-Biology interface & Synthetic Chemistry.


Dr. Rajeev Saini , Phd

Dr. Rajeev is creative pharmaceutical chemical scientist. His areas of interest are small organic molecules & phytochemials.


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