CEO's Message

Creating a sustainable Food future

Livestock sector faces multiple challenges. There is a global consensus that we have to move towards livestock production systems that benefit the health of the environment and people. Transitioning to sustainable animal agriculture systems is multifaceted, urgent, and requires a systems approach on local and global scales to address both production and consumption. At Truevet , we work to create solutions to address the problems related to antimicrobial resistence (AMR) , Food Safety & the environment.

Dr. Fayaz Muhammad
What We Do
Solving the right problem

Truevet, Founded in 2014, & headquartered at Srinagar, Works to translate cutting edge research in to solutions which aligns animal agriculture with sustainability. Our solutions help farmers not only in producing food of animal origin in a sustainable way but ensures optimized animal productivity and food safety.

Key Challenges
Livestock's long shadow

Animal Agriculture faces numerous challenges. Challenges related to Food security, Sustainable farming, & agricultural economics are critically important. Challenges related to food safety, zoonosis, xenobiotics, & anti-microbial resistance are equally crucial. If Food, Feed, & Fibre needs of an ever growing Human populations have to be met, we will need to innovative, develop new solutions and approach animal agriculture with a new perspective.

How We Do It
The innovation Edge

Truevet develops innovative solutions for Tomorrows animal agriculture. Our Key focus is on Novel alternatives to Antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs), Synbiotic, methane reducing additives, Microbial sources of methionine /Amino Acids, therapeutic diets & Nutritional genomics.